Mamaa Saiz Live!

Jimmy Gray, or Mamaa Saiz (pronounced 'Mama Sez') as he is known to his online fans, is a virtual performer in a virtual world. Mamaa became a part of the rich Second Life music scene in January of 2011, and has built a following of genuine fans from all over the world.

Before Second Life, Jimmy/Mamaa played for years on the infamous Greenville Avenue strip in Dallas. He spent 14 years with the incredible Bowley and Wilson show, where they packed them in 5 nights a week. You can experience Mamaa Saiz in a live performance in Second Life. Simply check the Events listing inworld, join his group inworld, hit his subscrib-o-matic, or watch his calender for show times.

If you are not in Second Life, and don't want to join, you can also catch the show by going to - all calendar times are pacific coast time (slt)

A very sweet lady in SL sent me these videos - thank you Sabrinamina!


Mamaa's Songlist

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